Sophie Dimitroff


I was born and raised in Chicago.She/Her.

What makes you #VERYYOU?

I’m very much a collector and concocter. From a young age, I’d have an obsession of sorts- from origami to beads, chapsticks to stationery- and now fragrance, makeup and vintage clothes. Im extremely curious. If I get that spark, I run full steam ahead while learning and mixing things along the way. You could call me a Jill of all trades.

What do you think is the most precedent issue for women that you want to see change and improve for all women?

Equal pay is not enough. Respect for women is essential, with the expectation that we can be successful in any career we choose. I’d love to see more women in high power roles like our Vice-President Kamala Harris! And for that to become more commonplace instead of it being an exception. Also, it would be great for women to be more prominent across typically male dominated industries-music included.

What’s one thing that gives you confidence

I’ve always been a lipstick gal! But now with wearing a face mask everyday, I’ve incorporated an eye look to my daily routine...usually glitter is involved. Plus an upbeat song while getting ready for the day always get in a b*tch mentality!

How long have you been singing/performing? What are your future goals? (Career/personal)

My mom would say I’ve been singing ever since I could talk! Studying jazz voice and starting my first neo-soul band, idesia, in college really solidified my love to sing. I just released my debut EP called TWIN BED as a solo artist and I’m currently working on a full length album with the goal of finishing it later this year! I would love to create music that resonates with people and helps them escape to or rejoice in. I definitely believe in the healing powers of music and would love to be a vessel of contributing new songs to the world.


Beauty to me is a metamorphosis of self. We all have different moods and days and that should be reflected and expressed! Change is beautiful because we as humans are not stagnant day to day...or at least we try not to be!

What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? Did it pay off? Or: Can you tell us about a time you had to overcome a fear? How did you do it?

It has been a wild and scary year, but in the midst of it, I had the opportunity to move (via a 2002 Rav4) across the country to the West Coast in order to work on my music and other creative endeavors. I have been extremely fortunate to take that risk while staying healthy. It has been an illuminating and worthwhile journey.

Its interesting just seeing how far beauty has come. However, it seems like it was a force of hand. If none of this happened - #MeToo,, the rise of black lives matter - it probably would have been business as usual. When it comes to inclusion, do you think beauty is hitting the mark?

I think things are slowly changing, but to be honest, most of this change has occurred in the last year when businesses were really put in the lime light. From a more inclusive shade-range to the curation of many more black owned brands in stores, there is a lot more work to be done. BUT it’s amazing to see women of color really dominating-from Rihanna and Pat McGrath to Tracee Ellis Ross and now Margarita Arriagada!

Social Media has evolved into a powerful tool for change, especially for the current generation of top models. How do you make it work for you?

I’m personally not on social media a lot. I go through my phases, but I think it’s incredibly can really tailor your image to what is true to you in ways that were impossible just 5-10 years ago. The media often depicted an image of beauty for celebrities. I am not a celebrity haha, so mostly I get my inspiration from cool pages and find art and music online. Social media has been extremely important in terms of awareness for social change and to gather the masses within lightning speed like never before!