Love Letter to Myself

Dear Margarita,
Let me start by saying I am proud of you. You have been wanting for so long to grow in a direction aligned with God's purpose for your life and true destiny,
And yet your journey has stretched in more ways than you expected and feared. You have been courageous and are persevering. I know you know deep inside that you are overcoming the fear that has plagued you most of your life. You are a true warrior and despite the challenges, you have plowed through often at a cost. Now you are letting go and in doing so, you feel yourself expanding, you are aligning with your soul, feeling more confident in your convictions and transcending limitations. Less worried of what others think but certain you are on the path of being very you. You have realized what you perceived as weaknesses, your sensitivity, your emotions, are actually your gifts. Don't stop, keep going, stay the course, resist the temptation to conform because you were meant to be transformed. You are manifesting your potential, you are growing wings, just allow your joy and love for all to radiate.  Soar!