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Article: Carolina

Valdé Muse


I’ll be sharing personal stories of women who embody the Valdé spirit. These inspiring women demonstrate the resilience and strength to live each day, boldly and unapologetically true to themselves. It seems fitting to start with the original Valdé Muse, my mother Carolina, as Valdé began as my homage to her.



Peruvian Folk Music—Valses (Walz, Marineras and Peru Negro). “I always remember her singing and dancing…lost in music and happy no matter her material possessions. I named our signature red ‘Ebullience’ (‘Vivacidad’ in Spanish) after her.”


Peruvian heritage artifacts. “She loved our culture and was incredibly proud of it. Our apartment looked like a Peruvian museum.”


“In 1964, my mom left behind a life of material comfort in Peru, venturing out on her own with three kids. She arrived in Los Angeles with few material possessions but a growing sense of liberation and self-worth.”


“My mom had enormous faith. When we left Peru via Mexico City, she took us kids to The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe where The Virgen de Guadalupe resides. We approached on our knees from about 300 yards away to show gratitude. Our knees bled, but it was a reminder of her faith.”


The beach on the coast of Baja, California. “She would go spontaneously. Her motto: Enjoy today because you can’t guarantee tomorrow.”


“She lived to her own beat and mood. Her style was eclectic—a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress one day, a Mexican frock the next.”


Maintain perspective. When you think the entire world is caving in, realize you may be drowning in a glass of water.

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